Some footage from the past 15 years of sound works that I have been done in the music and film industries.

Showreel - ETS Sound Vision
Showreel - ETS Sound Vision


  ETS Sound Vision is an Audio Post Production company for films, commercials and tv series, specialized in sound designing, dialog editing, recording and mixing. Based in Lisbon - Portugal with a branch in São Paulo - Brasil directed by the sound engineer Bernardo Goes which has more than fifteen years of experience in sound and music, involved into projects awarded in France, Canada, USA and Brasil.

  Bernardo Goes is a brazilian sound engineer living in Lisbon who started working in the beginning of 2000s and since then, as sound engineer, collected credits as mixer, sound designer and recording engineer in more than ten feature films, hundreds of commercial films, dozens of episodes from tv series including fiction, documentary and animation films. He has been part of the post production of some films awarded in festivals such as Annecy, Toronto, São Paulo and New York. From 2008 working with some big score music producer's in São Paulo he had developed most of his experience including working in record labels, production companies and post production facilities. Before started his company ETS Sound Vision in 2010, São Paulo, he also worked as cultural producer and DJ producing more than fifteen music festivals as well as played in some cities around Brazil. 




  • Studio setup for recording, editing and mixing for surround and stereo projects.

  • Monitors: 2.0 ATC SCM25 // 5.2 PSI Audio.

  • Interface and converters: Mergen Technology Hapi // UAD Apollo Twin.

  • Softwares: Pro Tools HD 2018.12, Izotope RX 6, Logic Pro X.

  • SSL pre amps, 1176 compressor, Alta Moda Stereo Mastering compressor, UAD pre amps.

  • Pack of plugins from companies such as Exponential Audio, UAD, Liquid Sonics, Waves, Sound Toys, Audio Ease, Empirical Labs, Plugins Alliance, Acustica Audio, Slate Digital, Eventide, FabFilter, Good Hertz, MAAT, Massey, Sonnox, PSP, The Cargo Cult, Soundtoys, Valhalla and more.



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